WooPlus Launches New App For Plus-Size Fashion

WooPlus, the popular dating app for curvy women, has announced the launch of its latest venture, a brand new fashion app.

‘Zaftigx’ helps women who wear clothes size 12 and above make the choices that suit their style the best. It is also committed to becoming a one-stop platform for all clothing and accessory needs.

It operates as a membership-based cash back app, not only displaying the latest fashion but also helping users find the best deals and save money. There is an option to subscribe as a VIP member which should offer even more ways to save money.

A spokesperson for WooPlus explained: “Zaftigx is a lifestyle app focusing on curvy fashion, which enables stylish curvy women to explore the contemporary trends, while also enjoying great deals, discounts, and cash back.”

They also added that the product was inspired by the women on WooPlus, who admitted they often struggle to find the right clothes or don’t have the confidence to wear what they want.

Zaftigx will seek to form brand partnerships with plus-size fashion brands to make their products more popular among their target demographic.

WooPlus surpassed the five million users milestone towards the end of 2020. The app’s impressive global growth over the past few years was also highlighted by the introduction of a German localisation for members in some European countries.

The platform recently launched a new ‘Love Adviser’ feature to give users dating advice and help them break the ice. A live video ‘game show’ is also reportedly in the works to offer a new way to date while social-distancing measures are in place.

Visit the Zaftigx website here.