Yentle Lets Users Take Offline Crushes Online With Secret Codes

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No matter how online dating platforms try to diversify their services from competitors, the ultimate goal of helping their users turn online matches into offline dates often remains the same.

However, one unique dating service is turning this common objective on its head, by getting shy singles to take their offline love interests online, through discreet invites to a mobile app.

Yentle is a new app that helps users easily find out if their crush has mutual feelings of interest, by letting them purchase a personalised Yentle code for €0,99, which they can then share with the person they like.

In a press release, Yentle offers some suggestions as to how admirers can share these codes, including writing the code on a Valentine’s Day card, having a friend hand deliver it or secretly posting it on a desk or locker.

And once a person receives a special code, it can be entered into the Yentle app or website.

If both sides express interest, the users will receive a notification of a “secret crush”, however if a crush shows no interest in selecting them back, the identity of the sender will never be revealed.

Matching on the app takes place through a user’s email address or phone number, but again if there is no match, these details will not be shared.

According to the app, this process works to prevent any face-to-face rejection or embarrassment of the person who originally sent the code.

A spokesperson from Yentle noted: “If it’s not a match, that is unfortunate, but at least now you don’t have to stay awake wondering about the possibility.”

And although whilst the app works on a secretive basis, this does not mean users can send codes to an unlimited amount of people.

Instead, Yentle restricts users to inputting just five people they like.

The app is now available to download for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Find out more about the app on its official site.

Danielle White

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