YouGov Data Gives Australian Market Insights


New YouGov data has revealed some trends in the Australian online dating scene.

The research found that 35% of Australians had made use of online dating platforms, and that 53% know a couple who made their first contact online.

Many respondents would be “embarrassed to admit” that they had met their partner online – the figure was 53% for millennials and 25% for baby boomers.

Three-quarters of respondents indicated, however, that they would not think of a couple that met online any differently.

The data also showed how different dating apps are perceived by the Australian public, with eHarmony being the most highly ranked both in ‘fame’ and ‘respectability’. RSVP was a close second for ‘respectability’.

Tinder and Bumble were seen as the least respectable apps, though OKCupid and were only ahead of them by a narrow margin.

Despite embracing celebrity marketing and touring worldwide, Bumble was ranked as the least famous of the apps investigated.

EliteSingles branding saw it gain more respectability than, OKCupid and Zoosk, but it was still far less reputable than leader eHarmony.

EliteSingles was, however, very well known in Australia. It ranked fourth on this metric.

The YouGov release states that online dating is worth $2.2 billion in America, though no figures for Australia are cited in their report.

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