Zoosk Release 10 Top Dating Trends for 2017

Zoosk has published a list of 10 dating trends that have emerged over the course of 2017 on its blog The Date Mix.

The first insight was that ‘nice guys finish first’ – male users that included words like ‘listener’ and ‘community’ in their profile received 66% more messages.

The second was that filters are becoming less popular with matches – users that had filtered photographs sent more messages and received less replies.

Third, 2017 saw people 9% more likely to message someone ten years older or younger than themselves.

Fourth, having a degree made users 17% more attractive to potential dates.

Fifth, mentioning food in a profile was found to have a major impact on message rates. Notably, users who mentioned guacamole, chocolate or potatoes received over twice the amount of replies.

Sixth, vegetarians have gone from receiving less replies than their omnivorous counterparts to receiving more. Vegans receive significantly more messages than both vegetarians and meat eaters.

Seventh, messages including the word ‘lunch’ were 25% more likely than average to receive a reply, while messages including the word ‘drink’ or ‘dinner’ received fewer replies than average. This may be an indication that lunch dates are a trend.

Eighth, the most talkative women were from Ohio, Indiana and California cities. The most talkative men were from Kentucky, Tennessee, New York and Los Angeles.

Ninth, not replying to a message on the day it was sent tended to reduce the likelihood of subsequent messages from 62% to 45%.

Finally, tenth, January was found to be the most active month for Zoosk users, while the most active day was November 15th (something GDI discussed with eHarmony CEO Grant Langston recently).  

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