What Does Google AdWords Cross-Device Conversion Tracking Mean For Dating?

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This is a guest article by Sebastian Hall, a Partner Manager at White Label Dating.

As 98% of consumers use more than one device per day, accurate tracking is becoming an increasing challenge for advertisers. What’s more, it’s impossible to be able to measure the performance of your ads and their direct impact on your business without it.

To increase the accuracy of your tracking, Google now allows advertisers to track conversions that happen across devices from within AdWords. This will be highly beneficial in giving you more insight into where your conversions originated from. Google will provide information such as the conversion type, the country the conversion has come from, and which devices were used throughout the consumer journey from search to conversion.

Not only do consumers now use more than one device per day, but 90% use a combination of mobile, tablet and desktop devices to complete a purchase. A common example of how a user journey like this could play out might start with a potential customer sat on a train on their mobile or tablet device. They might then search “Christmas gift ideas”. If they’re using Google, an advert might then direct them to Amazon. To save adding in their payment details on the go, they save multiple gift ideas in their basket for when they get home. When they’re home, they revisit their basket on their laptop or desktop to complete the purchase. This is a typical example of a common user journey that begins on one device and ends on another.

If they are looking for a dating site, they may search for “Best London dating site” from their tablet or mobile. As with the previous example, ads will point them to a number of dating sites. They may browse a few home pages and decide to come back to the dating site later. If you have re-marketing ads set up, Google could show these to the user across multiple devices. Upon seeing this ad on their desktop when they’re at home in the evening, they might decide to take the plunge and register to your dating site. In this case, the acquisition took place on one device and the conversion on another. And now you know exactly how the journey played out.

What does this mean for dating advertisers?

Implementing cross-device tracking will allow you to better measure the value of mobile and tablet marketing more accurately, helping you to make more informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing spend.

Armed with this information, you can look at cost per acquisition across mobile, tablet and desktop, and adjust automated bid strategies accordingly to optimise for cross-device conversions.

By Sebastian Hall

Sebastian is a Partner Manager at White Label Dating, an award-winning platform allowing brands and entrepreneurs to power their own branded online dating sites.

Reaching more than 45m members worldwide, the company powers over 25,000 sites across all major English-speaking territories, taking care of the dating software, infrastructure, customer support, payment processing and more. White Label Dating’s team of dedicated account managers, who are all Google certified, work closely with partners to increase their conversion rates and grow their revenues.

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