Swipe Right for Safe Sex: Why Dating Brands Should Hook Up With STI Testing Services


Getting a date these days is easier than ever before. With apps like Tinder or Grindr, a new romantic partner is only a swipe away. That said, while it may be easy to get a quick look at a potential date’s interests… it’s hard to know how safe they are. Fact is, according to the CDC, one in every two Americans will contract an STI over the course of their lifetime. The danger of sexually transmitted diseases is still very real, lurking right below the surface.

In this age of diminished privacy and social media overload, this is clearly the one aspect of our lives we are still terrified to let loose. People are just plain afraid to talk about STDs, but even more so, they are reluctant to test as frequently as they should. Citing reasons such as being time-consuming, expensive, invasive and a plain dislike for dealing with doctors, less than half of U.S. adults aged 18-44 have ever tested for anything other than HIV, leaving millions of dangerous infections going undetected every year.

At myLAB Box, we believe testing for STDs should be as easy, convenient and even enjoyable as the rest of our dating lives, so we set about developing a solution to do just that. Today, myLAB Box is the first and only service to offer nationwide at-home testing for STDs. Test anytime and anywhere (even in between swipes!) in just five minutes and get lab-certified results with the same accuracy as testing in a clinic or a doctor’s office (Starting at $79). And we didn’t stop there. By adding features such as online results and free telemedicine treatment consultations with physicians for anyone who tests positive with our service, we can have you and your sexual health back on track faster than you can say the word “positive.”  

Our philosophy is simple: safe is sexy. We are convinced that by making the testing part as carefree and intuitive as possible, we can also help make the conversation about sexual safety between partners more uninhibited and easy to have. So whether you are looking for a partner who is “right” or just “right now”, we want to put the power in your hands.

Ignoring the elephant in the room won’t make it disappear. STDs remain a prominent part of our lives. CDC reports show that 110m Americans suffer from some form of sexually transmitted infection. Granted, not all of these infections can kill you, but many can cause lifelong health complications for you and your loved ones. And with as many as 80% of infected individuals potentially not experiencing symptoms, we are all walking around with a false sense of security. The time for change is now and thanks to our innovative solution, it starts with a click.

Surely there needs to be a middle ground for shy, anxious, or plain busy people to keep themselves (and others) safe. Really, it’s your life we are talking about. And while a survey of U.S. physicians found that less than one third have conducted routine STD screenings of their patients, we now know the initiative and resolve to take better care of your health should really come from… well, YOU.

myLAB Box is designed to empower men and women of all ages to take back control of their sexual health. Sex is natural, but so are STDs! Don’t be ashamed or hope you are safe, know you are safe. Put your health first. Get tested. Live better. Date smart, not hard 😉

On behalf of myLAB Box and the 56+ million U.S. singles, we thank you for adding “health-conscious” to your list of dating profile qualities.

By Lora Ivanova, co-founder & CMO of myLAB Box

Lora Ivanova is co-founder and CMO of myLAB Box, the first and only nationwide service empowering users to take control of their health by screening for prevalent STDs at home. Founded in 2013, the service is rapidly becoming the new standard for sexual health and has gained popularity among a large and diverse customer base. The CDC estimates 20m new infections occur every year for an estimated $16bn cost to the U.S. economy – grim statistics the company is committed to changing. 

The myLAB Box service produces lab-certified results verified to be as accurate as testing in a clinic or a doctor’s office in a matter of days. Complimentary physician consultations for all positives link testing to treatment faster than with any conventional testing method. Championing the motto “Safe is Sexy” the innovative e-retailer is shaking up an outdated marketplace, empowering users to enjoy healthier relationships and live better.

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