Tips On How To Acquire High Quality Traffic

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These tips were compiled by the partner team at White Label Dating.

There are many ways to increase the volume of traffic to your site but even if you have a large volume of traffic, your return on investment will still be poor if that traffic doesn’t convert well. Focus on attracting high quality users that are interested in your site as these users are more likely to convert.

We’ve put together some tips on how to acquire high quality traffic for your site…

Understand your target audience

Before you start acquiring traffic, you need to understand your site and its audience. By understanding which users convert, their traits and which sources they come from, you can target them specifically knowing that you will see a greater return in revenue.

Analyse your metrics regularly to identify which demographics convert the best, so that you can tailor your marketing campaigns, price point and user experience to the needs of that demographic. By tailoring your ads to your target demographic, you’re more likely to attract the right kind of traffic (those who are actually interested in signing up and paying for your service).

Write effective ad text

Once you’ve identified your target audience and their interests, think about what terms they will be searching for. This will help you write effective ad text that will appeal to your audience, leading to higher click-through rates.

Effective ad text typically highlights your site’s best features, identifies the benefits of using your site, includes a few keywords and a call-to-action. The use of active verbs can also encourage the user to click. However, make sure your ad copy gives a true representation of what the user can expect when they click through and join your site. Misleading the user by promising something the site can’t deliver will only increase your bounce rate and negatively affect your Page Rank, harming SEO.

Analyse your traffic sources by device

Study your metrics to identify which device the majority of your traffic is coming from and which device is achieving the most conversions. Use this information to determine where you place your ads. You want to make sure you’re focusing your ad campaigns on the device that attracts the highest converting traffic. If the majority of your traffic is on mobile but you notice that mobile users aren’t converting, consider focusing your ad campaigns on another device that attracts better converting traffic.

Run split tests

Use split testing to measure the effectiveness of all the changes you make to your site. This will help you optimise your ads and landing pages and tailor them to your audience. By split testing a new ad campaign, you can identify which ad achieves the highest click-through rate and optimise your ads in the future to attract better quality traffic.

Track your results

A crucial part of driving quality traffic is tracking your results. Google Analytics is a vital tool allowing you to track conversions and highlight which traffic sources are converting well and which aren’t. This will help you shift your focus and spend to the sites and sources that will offer you the highest return on your investment.

Understanding your audience, which sources they come from and what drives them to convert is key in acquiring high quality traffic. Remember that these factors are constantly changing, so analyse your campaigns daily to keep on top of any changes and optimise your campaigns accordingly.

These tips were compiled by the White Label Dating Partner team. The group of 10 talented account managers, who are all Google certified, offer their partners 1:1 support and advice whenever they need it. With over 13 years experience, the industry-leading team have experience working with thousands of high-revenue generating dating sites and work closely with their partners to optimise their conversion rates and grow their revenues.

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