The GDI Podcast: Dating Entrepreneur David Minns Discusses His Portfolio of Niche Apps!

The online dating space is becoming more and more saturated with every new product release and entrepreneurs need to be increasingly innovative in order to stand out.

David Minns is an industry expert who specialises in exploiting untapped areas of the market to create and launch a wide variety of niche apps.

Some of his most recent releases include Butterfly for the transgender community and Joystick for video gamers. 

He also gained international media attention earlier this year when he launched Dinky One and Big One, two apps for men with below-average and above-average penis sizes. The controversial subject matter generated a buzz across social media and directed organic traffic to his portfolio of apps.

David appeared on The GDI Podcast to discuss how he continues to come up with unique ideas, why he runs every aspect of the business himself and his goal of filling up one iPhone screen.

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