The GDI Podcast: RealMe’s Head of Dating Talks Romance Fraud Protection!

This week’s episode of The GDI Podcast features a conversation with Neil Davis, the Head of Dating at RealMe.

As the sponsor of The GDI Podcast, RealMe is committed to helping the online dating industry become a safer and more trustworthy place. It was created to answer the need for consumer safety by addressing the growing issues of fraud, scams and abuse.

The risks can be much worse than just losing money, and the ongoing issues erode trust in the services that people love.

The RealMe technology and data platform helps make dating services more trusted through identity verification and background assessments of 325 million adults in the United States.

During the extended period of lockdown, the number of people on online dating services has grown significantly, which in turn has led to an increased possibility of fraud. RealMe has been working hard to ensure that every new user is as protected as possible while they look for connections.

Neil explained why romance scams are such a big threat to the industry, how RealMe works with partners to protect the community and what research the team are currently working on.

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