White Label Dating CEO Talks Working From Home Productively on The GDI Podcast!

White Label Dating is one of the biggest white label providers in Europe, helping affiliates, businesses and media companies effortlessly create their own online dating platforms. 

First launched in 2003, WLD has now helped more than 49,000 different partners generate over $400,000,000 from a variety of niche offerings.

The company was quick to implement a ‘Work From Home’ policy in order to protect its employees from catching and spreading the coronavirus. It was able to do so because of its history of working with people in different offices and in remote locations.

Co-founder and CEO Ross Williams appeared on The GDI Podcast to explain how the business has adapted to the new working environment, how he thinks the overall industry will be affected in the long run, and why WLD is looking to invest more time in producing video content.

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