Ensuring Safe Dating Interactions Across Diverse Communities with RealMe

When it comes to finding love online, you’d be forgiven for assuming that right-swiping, DM-sliding millennials make up the majority of the dating demographic. With 85% of the online dating population aged under 34, this stereotype does have an element of truth to it. However, it is not an entirely accurate portrayal of the real breadth and depth of the digital dating spectrum. The beauty of modern dating apps is that there truly is something for everyone. (Global Web Index) 

Let’s take a closer look who really makes up the digital dating pool, and how their experiences can be made safer and more secure by RealMe. With access to 325 million Verified Reputation Profiles, RealMe effortlessly and inconspicuously scans marriage and criminal records, court appearances, financial backgrounds and even social media posts for any potential red flags: perfect for offering peace of mind and protection to all members of the community. 

This Is Not A Man’s World 

Although men make up 61% of the online dating demographic, the number of female users rose by 2% in 2019, with women now making up 39% of the overall user base. This could very well be linked to app creators taking note of their platform’s various safety pitfalls (more on this later), and creating a more secure experience for women to feel comfortable matching with and eventually meeting a potential partner. (Global Web Index) 

Age Is Just A Number 

Online dating can be a great way for older people to connect and form new relationships. Despite this, people aged between 45 and 54 years old report being concerned about their information being held by dating sites. When asked by cybersecurity leaders, Kaspersky Daily, respondents from this age group were concerned about not being able to delete their information from dating sites once they decide to remove their profile, and those aged 65 and over were worried about falling victim to online fraud when interacting on dating apps. (Kaspersky)

e-Quality for All 

It’s also important to note that not all online daters are looking for love within the parameters of heterosexuality. In fact, finding a partner via an online dating app is actually far more common amongst those belonging to the LGBTQI+ community, as shown by a study in which 55% of respondents identified as LGBTQI+ (Pew Research Centre)

However, when research group vpnMentor asked members of the LGBTQI+ community about their online dating experiences, an alarming 73% admitted to being harassed online. This harassment is most commonly of a sexual nature, and is generally aimed at the individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation. (VPN Mentor)

Love Without Borders 

Online daters come from all corners of the globe. A huge 42% of users hail from Asia Pacific, followed by 34% based in Latin America. Europe accounts for 27% of online daters, ahead of 14% in the Middle East and Africa. This inconsistency could very likely be due to cultural norms and differing relationships with technology across the world, as women from certain countries may not be encouraged to seek love online due to cultural constraints and the (incorrect!) assumption that dating apps are strictly for hookups. (Global Web Index)

Perhaps this explains the large percentage of women from socially conservative countries who have expressed concern for their safety when dating online. A huge 81% of female daters in India have admitted to being privacy conscious, while a study aimed at students from the University of Cairo found that women were “most concerned about family disapproval and whether they could trust a potential suitor or friend.” (NCBI)

Inclusive, Effective Safety for Digital Daters 

With such a diverse array of cultures, age ranges and sexual orientations all navigating the virtual landscape in search of their online sweetheart, it’s clear that one common thread connects them: the importance of a safe, nondiscriminatory space for daters of all demographics. 

Because RealMe is integrated into the dating app itself, it offers instant peace of mind to daters of all identities. But apps also need to take accountability for the welfare of their users by introducing tighter safety measures right from the moment of a user signing up. From Bumble pioneering photo verification back in 2016, to the date tracking and message filtering tools utilised by others, we’ve seen dating apps seriously step up their security game in recent years. But there’s still work to be done.  

Take Online Protection Offline with CheckPlus 

One of the many ways RealMe helps to improve safety is with their CheckPlus security solution, created in collaboration with Spectrum Labs and UrSafe as the first to market product which comprehensively evaluates risk associated with dating app users, bridging in-app, off-app and offline protection. CheckPlus authenticates a user’s reputation score by corroborating personal data, criminal flags, and sexual offender status. In partnership with Spectrum Labs, the user’s data is analyzed to identify patterns of harassing or toxic behavior with off-app analysis. To provide offline security, RealMe users can take advantage of UrSafe’s personal safety app to stay connected with friends, family and even local authorities while out on an in-person date. 

Spectrum Labs provides contextual AI, automation and services to help consumer brands recognise and respond to toxic behaviour. The platform identifies 40+ behaviours across all languages, enabling Trust & Safety teams to deal with harmful issues in real time. Spectrum Labs’ mission is to unite the power of data and community to rebuild trust in the internet, making it a safer and more valuable place for all.

UrSafe features include voice-activated SOS, real-time location-sharing and geo-located emergency response to allow users to discreetly ask for assistance should they feel uncomfortable or threatened. The features can also be used to let people know you are safe and enjoying the date, offering complete peace of mind and a secure experience in any situation.  

Love is a universal language that transcends the barriers of age brackets and social categories. Everyone deserves the right to complete safety when looking for love online, regardless of nationality, social status or any other pigeon hole that distracts us from the fact that we are all just human beings. And thanks to RealMe, everyone can have it.

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