How to Enhance User Safety this Cuffing Season

The do’s for dating apps to educate their users on how to stay safe in the season of short romances

As we enter October, the beginning of the holiday season is on the horizon, meaning that cuffing season is also looming. For those who aren’t aware of this dating term, it’s when singletons are on the hunt to find the one. From cuddling up on the sofa watching film to icy, frosty walks in the countryside, the winter months bring a halt to wasteful dating and instead bring a pairing up of potential companions who want to spend time together during the holidays.

So, as imagined, dating apps see an uproar in online activity and welcome new users between now and the New Year. It’s more important than ever to spot the signs of fake daters, as many fall vulnerable during this time of year. On the other hand, online dating can bring plenty of advantages, especially during a time of loneliness. But again, this can encourage more fake profiles who are ready to exploit authentic daters. With an increase in people looking for love, fake users tend to use this time of weakness to their advantage and use this perfect opportunity to gain access to financial accounts or other private information.

To help genuine members find their perfect Christmas match, RealMe is here to showcase the top three do’s this season on how to date safely during this time. To avoid romance scams and become disappointed in their search for love on dating apps, daters should follow these top tips:

DO meet in busy, public places

There are a few things as an online dater that you can do to make sure you’re dating safely. With a lot of festive activities that you can do as a couple, public places are a good first date spot, especially busy and popular areas. Before the meeting, do research on where you are going and what other places are around you. This way, you are more likely to be surrounded by people if you do begin to feel uncomfortable. If your match seems hesitant about meeting in a busy place, do approach this with caution and raise it with your loved ones.

DO keep your private information, private

Money requests are an absolute no go. Do be aware that if somebody that you’ve never met reaches out to borrow money, they are more than likely not being truthful about who they are. There is no valid reason why someone should also ask for your financial situation, so do keep this private and do not give any private information away. It’s important not to feel guilty for saying no to money requests.

DO be open and honest with your loved ones

Do let the people around you know about your online dating situations. It’s sensible to keep friends and family updated. They can give you an outside perspective, as well as highlight anything that they deem to be suspicious. Most importantly, do trust your instinct. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t! If a potential date is making you feel uncomfortable, do reach out to the dating app and drop all conversations.  

Real users with RealMe

At RealMe, we want cuffing season to be a fun experience, especially when online dating. We offer a number of security features that can look into the backgrounds of many online profiles that have registered on dating platforms. 

Our comprehensive records and data can identify important details about users, such as criminal records, financial backgrounds and marriage reports. RealMe can also locate their educational history, as well as previous social media platform uploads. With RealMe, online dating platforms can eliminate misleading or fake profiles from their user base and improve dating for genuine daters.

Using RealMe’s information to support dating apps, members do not have to be concerned about who they are dating during this cuffing season. For platforms, RealMe’s automatic background checks improve the safety of users across many platforms. During this time of excitement and festivity, those looking for love online should be able to find their perfect partner online. Therefore, dating apps should be working towards delivering fun and safe dating not just during the holidays, but all year round.

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