From Academia: Personality Correlates of Dating App Use

New research published in the journal New Media and Society has investigated the personality-based correlates of dating app use.

The authors surveyed 541 respondents between 18 and 30 years of age, recruited via research agency PanelClix and the University of Amsterdam. 92.4% self-identified as Dutch.

Some findings concerned personality differences between those who used dating apps and those who did not. People who used apps regularly were found to be lower in dating-related anxiety, higher in sexual permissiveness and less likely to be heterosexual.

The study also found personality and behaviour correlations within the pool of respondents who used apps dating regularly. Anxious singles reported using the apps because they offered ease of communication, while sexually permissive individuals were more likely to cite casual sex as a motivation.

Those high in the personality trait “sensation seeking” were more likely to use the platforms for “the thrill of excitement which is offered by dating apps.”

The authors concluded: “This study affirmed that young adults use dating apps with specific relational, intrapersonal, and entertainment goals. These goals were meaningfully related to several individual difference variables. The current study also hinted at the possible role of sexual orientation, as people who did not fully identify as heterosexual were more likely to use dating apps.

“Our results support ongoing research on computer-mediated communication which has consistently shown that the offline/online bifurcation is collapsing. This means that researchers who are interested in understanding the role of dating apps among young adults will need to investigate how people’s identities drive and are affected by mobile dating.”

The results corroborate findings from other studies on dating app user motivations.

Find the study here.

Scott Harvey

Scott is the Editor of Global Dating Insights. Raised in Dorset, he holds a BA from The University of Nottingham and an MSc from Lund University School of Economics and Management. Previously he has written about politics, economics and technology for various online publications.

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