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The New AI focussed Social Discovery App

Orbit is a new social discovery app that is putting the power of AI at the centre of its platform. Its AI assistant, Obi, is designed to be a digital friend of a friend – helping potential new matches have engaging and fruitful interactions on the app.

Orbit is just one of a few social networking apps operated by Asia Innovations Group Limited (ASIG). It released a press release last week, highlighting the advanced and supposedly unique way in which its social discovery app is utilising AI like no other. The app uses GPT-4 AI technology for a number of features. Obi can on the fly prompt matches on the friend finding app with conversation starters such as ‘truth or dare’, ‘ would you rather’, or even trivia. In fact users are able to have full similar conversations with Obi itself – but hopefully their real world matches are more interesting once the conversation gets going. 

Orbit also uses AI to allow users to create text-to-image art for their profiles, and avatars. Users can chat via their avatars to maintain a level of privacy in their initial conversations with users from around the world.

Chairman of ASIG and CEO, Ooyang Yun said:

“Every feature in this app is designed to bring an exciting, futuristic atmosphere to socialising online. Making friends can feel awkward, tedious, and sometimes even dangerous – especially online. With Orbit, we’re using AI to make meeting new friends easy, safe, and fun.”

Orbit is hoping the use of something artificial, can help users achieve something authentic on the platform. It’s always easier to make friends when you already have the connection of another mutual friend. Who is to say that friend couldn’t be generated by AI. The use of such technology is something we are going to see across industry and it’s fascinating to see how the social discovery world will keep implementing it.

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