The Startup Roundup – 21st August 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. Valley woman creates Vinylly dating app to match people based on taste in music – Vinylly combines the user’s Spotify data and their answers to a brief music questionnaire to determine the best matches.
  2. Canberrans launch Fluttr, the app connecting people online and in person – Fluttr is an ‘ice-breaker’ app that aims to create new friendships and romantic relationships.
  3. Perchance: The app that turns “the one that got away” into “THE ONE” – Perchance lets users see when and where they passed other users to support real world connections and chance encounters.
  4. Lobstr: Find Your Soulmate – Matches expire after 24 hours so users are encouraged to send messages and pursue connections right away.
  5. Promenad: Meet New People in a Friendly Place – Promenad is is specially designed to match users based on their shared common interests and hobbies.