Match Group Stock Stable Around $55

Match Group has seen its stock stabilise around the $55 mark following the acquisition of relationship-focused Hinge.

The online dating umbrella’s highest ever valuation came in September 2018, when shares crossed $60. The price then dropped to $36 in November, before climbing rapidly at the start of this year.

The company announced its Q4 financial results in early February, wherein revenue climbed 21% year-on-year to $457 million. Tinder memberships were up 1.2 million year-on-year. The announcement helped the stock to plateau in a strong position, with Match’s market cap sitting at over $15 billion.

Since the 2019 Valentine’s period, the share price has remained fairly consistent. Early March saw a drop to $53, while late March saw it exceed $59. At the time of writing, Match is trading at just under $57.

IAC, the parent company to Match Group, has seen a similar pattern emerge in its share price. It fell 25% between September and December, before regaining 100% of its lost value in time for Valentine’s Day.

The tech giant (narrowly) achieved its highest ever valuation last month, trading at over $224 per share for a brief period.

A March presentation from IAC singled out Match Group as a growth driver. It explained how lesser known brands, including Par Perfeito, BLK and startup Ship, were important parts of the overall offering.

Some commentators have speculated that the success of Match may help to fuel a major acquisition from IAC in the coming months.

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