Israeli Man Launches Site With 1M $1 Profiles


A website has been launched by an Israeli man who after a break-up was inspired by a friend’s words that “true love has a one in a million chance”.

Etai Hugi decided to test these words by creating his own unique online dating website. consists of half a million female and half a million male profiles.

The site has an image board with women’s pictures on the left and men’s on the right in square tiles.

Lifetime membership costs $1 and it includes a picture, a description of maximum 45 characters and a link of the participant’s choice.

By hovering the mouse over a tile the single’s short description or message appears and by clicking on it a link opens, usually the person’s Facebook profile page.

According to Hugi, a search by country will be implemented in the future.

The website is in its early stages, so it will be interesting to see how it grows in the future, because sites similar to Hugi’s have prospered in the past.

His idea is akin to that of Alex Tew, a student from England who sold every pixel on a webpage to advertisers for $1 each.

The Million Dollar Homepage became somewhat of an internet phenomenon, and after being picked up by the media, all million pixels were sold.

We will keep you updated on MillionSinglesProject, and check out the website here.