ClyckedxDegrees Lets Friends Endorse Your Profile, Introduce You To Singles



New site Clycked x Degrees creates a network of your closet friends, who give you advice, recommendations and endorsements on your profile.

Created by Katie Boyko, the site aims to take real-life friend of a friend recommendations online.

You sign up by answering a few questions to build your profile, and then invite around 20 friends to join the network.

The idea is that once lots of singles have invited their friends, the dating network is built up of people who are only ever “three degrees of separation” away from you.

Speaking about the idea, Boyko said:

“I have probably been on over 50 dates through online dating or matchmakers. They have varied from O.K. to no sparks to horrifyingly awkward. It got to the point where I dreaded going on any date.

“So after a wonderful evening out with my sister and her friends I thought, ‘I should email all of those girls and see if they have anyone to set me up with.’ And then I thought, ‘What if I could take that experience online?’

“It is a much safer and natural way to meet people — it demands respect from the first time you communicate — and is the way I would want to meet someone.”

Once signed up, your friends can tell interesting stories about you, introduce you to someone you’re interested in, and give you LinkedIn-style endorsements, but presumably for your personality.

Blue profile boxes are for those who are setting up a date, and red profile box for those looking for a date.

While reducing dating pools to friends of friends, or those from a similar social group to you may well be attractive to singles, Clycked isn’t just asking one person to sign up, but around 20 – some of whom may not even be looking for a data, which seems a very tall order.

Visit their site here.

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