April Fools’ Prank Imagines Tinder For Uber and Uber For Tinder


This funny April Fools’ gag dreams up two cross-brand products from Tinder and Uber.

The first is a way to reduce costs on the IAC-dating app, the second to encourage immediate dating.

It says that if you match with an Uber driver on Tinder, the driver will split the fare with you.

And the vice versa website, Uber for Tinder, offers you an automatic Uber to meet a Tinder user after you match with them.

It’s not certain who the two prank product pages are from, but there is a link to a “real-time real world RPG game” called Cheapshot, so they could be behind the amusing idea.

Today we also saw Hinge get in on the fun with Toddler Dating, and STA Travel pretend to launch a new dating app for travellers.