Google Update Docs With New Features Like Voice Dictation

googlelogoGoogle has announced a whole new set of tools for Google Docs, to help teams be more productive on the online workspace.

The new changes are part of the company’s plan to “incorporate the power and intelligence of Google into Docs”.

Voice Dictation

One of the main changes is the introduction of voice dictation to docs, letting you talk directly into a document and your speech will be transcribed into text.

Amusingly the tech world has already realised that Google has censored many swear words, instead putting asterisks where the offending letters should be.

The feature supports over 40 languages, and can be enabled by visiting the tools menu in Google Chrome.

Data visualisations

For those who regularly use Google Sheets, the new Explore panel will give you insights into the data you are working on.

As Google said: “No more stressing or wasting countless hours stewing over endless rows of data Simply select some data, open the Explore panel (available on the web and Android) and you’ll instantly see a selection of charts and text-based insights that help bring meaning to your numbers.”

Search Google without leaving docs

Another of the new features is added functionality to the Research option on Google Docs – which means you can search Google for inspiration directly from a document.

In addition to this, Google has made some design and product updates to Google Forms, added new templates to Docs, Sheets and Slides and improved collaboration tools so you see what your team updated while you were away.

Check out the full changes here.