Face Recognition Startup Used By Jiayuan And Alibaba Raises $25m


A Chinese face recognition startup has raised an extra $25m in Series B funding.

Face++ uses tech like computer vision and data mining to provide both facial detection, recognition and analysis.

Using their service, and their extensive database, developers can apply the face technology into their own websites, mobile apps, and smart TVs.

One huge company that uses their services is Alibaba, which has integrated the software with its financial unit, Ant Financial.

The service is also used by Chinese online dating site Jiayuan.

Face++ said they have over 30,000 developers using the technology.


And the Beijing-based startup has just raised an extra $25m in Series B, taking its total round to $47m.

Qiming Venture Partners and Innovation Works are said to have contributed to the latest round, who also took part in the initial funding, alongside Ignition Partners.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma used the Face++ software to demonstrate how mobile payments could be authorised by facial recognition, rather than a password, in a talk at Cebit.

Alibaba is planning on using this with Alipay, to let customers authorise mobile payment transfers by way of a selfie – called “smile to pay”.

Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial service, is also looking to implement the software so people could use facial recognition to set up a bank account.

Check out their site here, and test a demo of the service here.