Bluetooth Device Shares Your Location, Orders Uber, At Click of Your Heels

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An area currently in vogue is experimenting with wearable devices that connect with, and act as an extension of, your mobile phone.

Out of this experimentation comes Dorothy, a bluetooth gadget created by iStrategyLabs that lets you order a taxi, or broadcast your location, at the click of your heels.

It takes the form of a small device called a “ruby”, that slips into your shoe and is linked to your phone via bluetooth.

Dorothy is powered by the “LightBlue Bean, an Arduino micro-controller with a built in Bluetooth chip, accelerometer, and coin cell battery.”

On the accompanying mobile app, you can program the gadget to perform a range of different functions.


By making contact with the device, through clicking your heels, you can make it issue a fake call to your mobile, to get you out of an awkward situation.

The current version also lets you use the Ruby to send out your location to three friends, to let them know where you are.

Dorothy also has ability to hail a cab from Uber, and they are working on making it order your favourite pizza.

The idea comes from iStrategyLabs, a Washington D.C.-based digital agency who “engage communities through creative marketing, experimental uses of social media, and civic innovation programs.”

The current version is a prototype, and the agency are working on creating smaller models for different uses.

They are also encouraging people to send in ideas about what Dorothy could be used for.

Find out more about it here.