Alongside Online Dating, Facebook Study Looks At Other Relationships Technology Is Changing


Technology is reinventing the way we find, share and nurture love around the world.

And a recent study by Facebook looks at exactly how relationship “rituals” are being reinvented by technology like social media and online dating, and where this technology might lead us in the years to come.

To do this, the social network commissioned insight firm Crowd DNA to consult experts, interview influencers and survey people in Nigeria, South Korea, the UK and the US.

Regarding online dating, Facebook found that over half the people Crowd DNA spoke to in these four markets used online dating sites or apps, and 20% regularly use online dating.

In addition to this, 61% of those online daters said these services had made it easier to find compatible dates, with 45% agreeing that people are more likely to find a partner online than offline.

Other findings of the study include the theory that “online displays of affection” are the new public displays of affection, with Facebook’s insight experts saying that although they weren’t new, there was evidence that demonstrations of “coupledom are becoming more and more creative”.


This might include online displays of affection to help keep the flame alive in a long distance relationship.

In a blog post, Facebook said: “One couple we talked to uses Instagram to post photos of where they are at the same time, highlighting the differences between life in their respective cities, New York and Seoul. Even though they’re thousands of miles apart, they’re able to share moments of their day not only with each other but also with their followers.”

And 67% of people from the four markets said that the internet had made long-distance relationships a lot easier, with this number jumping to 82% in Nigeria.


Facebook also gave some advice on how marketers can use these changing trends in creative ways to promote their brands, saying: “People are increasingly going online to fulfill the human want and need to connect with everyone from their loved ones to new romantic interests and old acquaintances. Brands should think creatively about ways to highlight and celebrate meaningful moments in people’s relationships.”

Tips include adapting millennial trends for older generations, and looking at how your brand can fit into new online marketplaces.

Read the full study here.

Simon Edmunds

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