The Top Internet Dating Business Reporters in 2018

COURTLAND BROOKS – Jan 26 – Each year we run an analysis to see who the reporters are that we’ve most gravitated towards. Here’s the top dating industry reporters for 2018, in our humble opinion.

#1 – Sarah Perez, Tech Crunch
A Tech Crunch writer since 2011, before that she worked for Read Write Web. This is our sixth annual review of top internet dating reporters and she made it to the top 10 list four times.  In 2017 she ended up in 2nd place and she is our winner for 2018. A lot of her articles described new features of dating apps.

#2 – Shana Lebowitz, Business Insider
Shana is a stategy reporter for Business Insideer since 2015.

#3 – JP Mangalindan, Yahoo Finance
A new name on our list. He’s Chief Tech Correspondent at Yahoo Finance. He wrote for Mashable and Fortune Magazine in the past. He interviewed the CEOs of Tinder and Match Group multiple times and mostly covered big companies news in 2018.

#4 – Emily Bary, MarketWatch
She is a tech reporter for MarketWatch and covers Match Group news.

#5 – Ashley Carman, The Verge
Another new name on the list is a tech reporter at The verge since 2015. She mainly covered the lawsuits related to Match Group.

#6/7/8 – Kurt Wagner, Re/code
Kurt is a senior reporter focused on the tech industry. He wrote for Mashable and Fortune magazine before. All of his dating articles in 2018 covered Match Group news.

#6/7/8 – Josh Constine, Tech Crunch
Another long term Tech Crunch technology writer, Josh specializes in the deep analysis of social products and he liked writing about Facebook Dating features in 2018.

#6/7/8 – Margi Murphy, The Telegraph
Margi is a US technology reporter for The Telegraph and a new name to us. Mostly she covered new features, but she also interviewed the new chief of Ashley Madison back in April.

#9/10 – Georgia Wells, Wall Street Journal
A long term WSJ reporter covering technology. In 2018 she covered Facebook Dating, Tinder India and Bumble’s IPO plans.

9/10 – Rachel Thompson, Mashable
Surprisingly, Rachel is the only writer from Mashable who made the 2018 list. Rachel is the Senior Culture Reporter at Mashable. She writes about gender, sex, bodies, tech, and the internet. 

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