Where Facebook Dating Makes Sense – Completing the Feedback Loop

IDEA – May 11 – There’s one very key reason why Facebook Dating could be superior to most other dating sites. Facebook has visibility on when they are successful. They should be able to see when singles change their relationship status, and who they’re in a relationship with. That is a revelation in the Internet dating world.

I think we’ve been entirely encumbered on delivering on the promise of Internet dating because we simply don’t have visibility on when we’ve been successful. Ultimately, this is key. How do we know when our algorithms are working. What tweaks to make? Feedback is the breakfast of champions… nowhere moreso than with Internet dating.

Up until now only some of the dating industry have performed exit surveys. Meaning, when a user decides to turn off or delete their profile we spring a survey on them asking why? Did you find a relationship? A vast minority of users answer, and we rarely get clear feedback on who they’re dating. We get even less feedback on when that committed dating relationship has turned into marriage. That’s where dating is quite broken.

Facebook has this visibility. They see when they’ve been successful. To what extend, and with whom the person is committing to. They also see if that relationship fails. All key to tweaking and refining an A.I. driven dating system.

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