MeetMe Team With Pinsight Media+

Meet Me

Social networking site MeetMe has teamed up with Pinsight Media+, who will run their mobile advertising campaigns.

Pinsight Media + will manage the ads for the MeetMe app on iOS and Android, until the end of 2014.

The agreement does not include web based revenue streams and other sources of mobile revenue.

Bill Alena, Chief Revenue Officer of MeetMe, said: “We’re excited to work with Pinsight Media+ to drive significant growth in our mobile advertising revenue.

“Pinsight Media+ has key relationships and innovative technology that, we believe, will enable us to achieve higher CPMs and higher mobile ad revenues than we would do on our own.”

Pinsight Media+ is a mobile media company powered by Sprint that works with brands and advertising agencies.

It has launched mobile campaigns across the network, reaching more than 53m Sprint customers.

Evan Conway, Vice President of Strategy and Monetization at Pinsight Media+, said: “MeetMe’s audience size, unique demographic, and high engagement level makes it an attractive property for mobile advertisers.

“We look forward to helping connect MeetMe to the right opportunities to drive consistently higher mobile ad revenue.”

MeetMe is a social network that lets users meet new people in the US.

The site aims to make meeting people fun, by using social games and apps – and the site is also monetized by both advertising and virtual currency.

The company operates and MeetMe apps on iOS and Android in multiple languages.

The company recently released dating app Charm, described as a cross between Tinder and Vine.

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