New Intelligence App Helps Users Track Online Dating Activity Of Partners

the knnow

One of the most common concerns of today’s online daters is the fear of not knowing whether to trust the people you meet online.

To help combat this issue and gets singles to “date smarter”, a recently-launched dating intelligence app is allowing users to keep tabs on their love interest’s dating activity.

New app The Know lets users anonymously observe the dating movements and relationship status of people they like, in an effort to assist them in making well-informed dating decisions.

To make an account on The Know, users are required to verify their accounts by linking it to their personal Facebook profiles.

Once this has been completed, users can enter the information about the person they would like to track, including their name, location, physical appearance and even contact details.

The Know then searches other profiles on the app for any matches to the descriptions given, and the results are ranked based on percentage.

Users can then browse through the matches to compare details with that of their love interests, and can message other users to find out more.

The dating intelligence platform works in a similar way to controversial people-rating app Peeple, which gave its the users the ability to give others a star rating out of five.

Similarly to Peeple, The Know users can create an account for another person without them knowing, simply by entering their phone number.

And despite its seemingly good intentions for today’s online daters, The Know may receive some backlash for creating a means for people to track the private lives of others.

The app is currently available for free download on the iOS App Store.

Find out more about the app on its official site or watch the video below: