2date4love.com Rebrands to RomanceOnly.com

RomanceOnly.com has launched as a platform for the millions of adults identifying as sexually challenged (Sex-C).

RomanceOnly.com is the world’s first premier online dating site for thousands of adults who are seeking intimacy without intercourse.

Founder, Laura Brashier announced: “I’m thrilled to expand our mission of empowering people in finding lasting love and meaningful intimacy without intercourse. Sex-C individuals now have a platform to start a dating relationship at the point where others ended – the point where we say ‘I’m interested in you, I’m attracted to you, but intercourse is out of the question for me.’”

Brashier is a stage IV cervical cancer survivor and after the intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments she had to go through, she was unable to engage in any sexual intercourse.

Because of this, she launched RomanceOnly.com’s forerunner, 2date4love.com in 2011, for people who are wanting intimacy without intercourse.

Brashier told Business Wire: “The idea for 2date4love.com stemmed from my frustration with the dating scene. I became discouraged about dating because I felt that most men wouldn’t sign up for a long-term relationship that involved intimacy without sexual intercourse.”

The site’s reinvention to RomanceOnly.com comes with noticing that millions of people all over the world are incapable of having sexual intercourse because of health-related issues, for example, psychological traumas.

Brashier has come up with the identifier ‘Sex-C’ – an abbreviation for “sexually challenged” but also a play on the word “sexy” – to emphasise to users that people can still enjoy physical intimacy, even if they are able to have intercourse.

She added: “I plan to make consensual sex without intercourse a commonplace concept and something that’s not taboo. I want to help improve a lot of lives.”

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