‘Cut to the Chase’ Video Dating App Now Downloadable

Cut to the Chase Media have launched their dating platform ‘Cut to the Chase’ on iOS and Android this week.

The app is designed to get people active and video chatting as quickly as possible – the signup process involves a taking selfie, selecting a few likes and (optionally) recording a six second video.

Users will get to know each other via face-to-face video calls, giving them the chance to meet virtually before “investing any time or money on a first date”.

The platform has carefully considered the dangers of creating a video-based dating service, as well as the preconceptions users may have (from Chatroulette, for example, which notoriously has issues with indecent behaviour).

Cut to the Chase has implemented a ‘panic button’, which performs a range of functions simultaneously. The button will:

  • Take a screenshot of the video stream (or capture the text chat session)
  • Freeze the alleged account
  • Log the usernames of both participants
  • Log the IP address of both participants
  • Log the device ID for both participants
  • Log the date and time

This information will then be packaged and sent to a team of analysts, who will decide whether the incident warrants further action.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Patricia Deferio said of the app: “The most successful products have always solved a problem in a new and exciting way.

“As actual users of the other dating services, we saw a need for a fast, fun, uncomplicated, dating app that was safe and that cut to the chase.

“(…) we help cut through to the important stuff, quickly and efficiently and without the risk of meeting someone who disappoints so you can be sure before you even leave the house!”

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