Dating App Cuddli ‘Helps Nerds Find The Love Of Their Life’

Dating App 'Helps Nerds Find The Love Of Their Life'

Cuddli is a new dating app advertising itself as the “fastest and safest way for geeks to meet new people.”

The company states: “It’s great to be a geek, but it’s hard to meet people like ourselves. That’s why we created Cuddli. It’s the best way for geeks to safely meet and explore the city.”

As well as serving a niche community, the app has some innovative features which make it stand out.

One is the ability to enter a ‘couples mode’ on the app, so you can continue to use it to communicate after you’ve entered into a relationship.

Users in this mode will be unable to communicate with anyone apart from their partner.

It allows new couples to keep accessing their ‘romantic message history’ – something users of other apps may be forced to delete if they decide to remove dating services from their phone.

Interests will feature prominently on users’ profiles, and you can also ‘dance with your phone’ to match with nearby people in a bar or club.

The Cuddli website hosts a blog that features information on cosplay selfie competitions, Game of Thrones giveaways and comic-con events.

The app’s founders have a wealth of technical experience behind them – their combined history spans software development positions at Microsoft, NBC Universal, and Verizon.

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