eHarmony GC Talks Cyber Security

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Vice President and General Counsel of eHarmony Ronald Sarian has outlined some of the steps the dating platform has taken to thwart hackers and scammers in a talk at the ALM’s 2017 cyberSecure conference.

Sarian notes how reading and keeping oneself updated on the latest developments in cyber security are vital in guarding against attacks.

His knowledge of an incident at Snapchat, whereby hackers impersonated the CEO and requested bank details from employees, was what allowed eHarmony to prepare for and avoid a similar event.

Sarian recalls that a phishing attack hit eHarmony the day after he warned employees about the events at Snapchat.

He also emphasised the importance of maintaining a good relationship with tech teams in his talk, stating that: “They need to be comfortable when they’re talking to you so that if they have anything that’s even suspicious, they [aren’t] scared of you and you don’t want to be scared of them either”.

Conversely, Sarian claimed that cutting off access to company systems immediately was critical when firing or laying off technologically capable employees: “Not giving them any advance notice that they’re being terminated is a little bit harsh, but that’s the only way to do it in the tech business, really.”

Companies should have good protocols in place for tech events, he added, and they should proactively deal with a data breach when it occurs.

Trying to cover up or ignore a cyber attack may be detrimental to a company’s interests, says Sarian, and attempting to dig into the event and investigate it will pay dividends.

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