Facebook Announces New Bot Capabilities & Payment Options For Messenger


Facebook has just announced a new set of updates to its Messenger service for developers, offering greater options for bot integration, easier payment options and a revamp of the Messenger template.

Announced this week, Messenger Platform v1.3 seeks to effectively respond to suggested improvements from developers to help boost customer engagement on the platform.

One of these updates is the introduction of referral parameters for m.me links, which will let developers identify how someone accessed their Messenger bot.

This change allows developers to effectively measure traffic attribution for bots, as well as the ability to implement a coupon program and track virality with a referral program.

Earlier this year, Meetic launched a Facebook bot that chats with singles and helps them improve their chances of finding love.

The update is also offering an opt-in or opt-out Messenger plug-in that can be added to services such as checkouts or sign-ups to give customers a way of receiving updates from companies on the platform.

Facebook is also boosting its advertising efforts on the platform by letting developers post sponsored adverts & messages on News Feeds that open to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook explains: “Launched as a test in April 2016, a sponsored message is a highly targeted, in-context ad type that allows businesses to re-engage people who have an open, existing conversation with their business.

“Sponsored messages give businesses the ability to send targeted updates, information about promotions, reminders and other relevant messages.

“The value that people get from 1:1 conversations with the businesses they care about is extended by this ability to consistently engage through customized experiences.”

The social networking platform is also introducing new payment options for businesses who aren’t integrated with Stripe and PayPal, but this is only available in beta to select US partners.

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