Hacker Finds Way To Access Friends’ Tinder Profiles After Tinder Social Launch

Tinder Social
A hacker has found a way to access your friends’ Tinder accounts following the release of Tinder Social.

In a recent Tumblr post, a hacker called “Alex” spoke about a new way to hack Tinder and let you get full access to your friends’ Tinder profiles through Tinder Social.

Tinder Social was added to the app last week and lets groups of singles join up under one profile card and organise a night out with other groups on the app.

And as part of this, Tinder users are obviously able to see which of their friends use the dating app, because they have to be able to join forces and create a group.

However, “Alex” said he found a fault in Tinder’s new group feature, and was able to gain full access to the profiles and pictures of friends, and even swipe right on their profiles.

The hacker also claims he found a way to gain access to the “last active” time stamps – a feature that was removed by Tinder in November to help protect user privacy and prevent stalking.

And although hacking into Tinder does require specialised skills, the hacker’s own platform aims to make it a bit easier, although Alex told the public to not use the platform, saying that it was created only to make a point to the dating giant.

When Alex told Tinder about his findings, the company apparently said: “Thanks for bringing your concern to our attention. This is a part of our feature called Tinder Social. You may opt out of Tinder Social at anytime by visiting your Settings. If you opt out, you will not appear on your friends’ lists.”

The hacking platform was made via open source coding platform GitHub and requires users to know Python in order to use it, therefore making it unlikely that the majority of Tinder users would be able to use it.

Check out Alex’s blog here.

Emma Woodley

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