Hornet Gives Advice on How to Avoid Dating App Burnout

Hornet has issued a warning about ‘Dating App Burnout’, with a guest post from Dr. Chris Donaghue, a sex and relationships therapist. 

Dating apps were designed as an addition to users’ social lives, and Dr. Donaghue insists that they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for social interaction.

He said on Hornet’s website: “The ease and accessibility of apps allows for a simplified version of interpersonal connection but often doesn’t meet the driving need for actual intimacy, leaving users online longer and still searching.

“Use the apps for what they are meant — a contained use for a small of amount of time, to engage and explore, but not to be used for hours as a replacement. Don’t use apps to cope with loneliness, because that’s a misuse.

“Use them for fun and for arousal. Use them to flirt, court and make contact, and then use them to make a plan to meet. Hours of sitting online and scrolling endlessly can lead to frustration and loneliness.”

Apparently, if a consumer is experiencing boredom and feeling frustrated or aggressive, this is a sure sign of Dating App Burnout.

Dr. Donaghue suggests that people should asks themselves why they are logging into an app before they start using it. If they are feeling lonely, sad or disconnected then they should stay offline and find another way to fulfill their needs.

He continues to explain that taking breaks will help to ensure that people keep enjoying their time on the apps.

Facebook, Instagram, Android and Apple are all releasing ‘Time Well Spent’ features to their platforms, to make sure that users are being productive while online.

In the near future, dating apps may see it as necessary to produce similar products to help consumers avoid Dating App Burnout.

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Dominic Whitlock

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