Married Policeman Sues UniformDating For Using Image in Promotion

A married policeman from Florida has filed a lawsuit against NSI Holdings Ltd after an image from his private Facebook page was used to promote one of its subsidiaries,

The image was promoted on Instagram and appeared to showed David Guzman in his police uniform while sitting in his patrol car. He only became aware of the issue after friends saw the posts and showed his wife.

Guzman’s lawsuit states: “Defendant’s use of plaintiff’s image, likeness and/or identity in connection with a dating service impugns plaintiff’s character, embarrasses him, and suggests – falsely – that he, a married person, is presently dating and seeking out other partners.”

NSI Holdings claim that the image was copied from one of their member profiles and accuse Guzman of taking legal action to cover up that he, as a married father, was caught on a dating website.

Company data shows that the account the picture belonged to has only visited the website on one occasion.

The lawsuit also asserts Guzman’s photo is still being used, but NSI Holdings contest that the promotion was stopped within days of the original complaint being made. says it’s for “firefighters, doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, pilots, emergency services and military personnel,” as well as anyone looking to date people who work in uniform.

NSI Holdings is based in London and has seven other services in its portfolio, including, GirlsDateForFree and MatureDating.

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