New Asian Dating Site Since Being Single Launched By Former AsianD8 Execs

Two former AsianD8 executives have launched a new dating platform for professional British Asian singles.

Last month, Kamey Alvi and Sabeen Ditta, the former interim CEO & marketing manager at AsianD8, launched Since Being Single.

Since Being Single (SBS) was initially founded last year as a dating blog, but has been repurposed after Alvi and Ditta parted ways with AsianD8 earlier this year.

The two, who are in a relationship, wanted to offer single professional Asians a new way to find love, creating a community feel by combining desktop and mobile experiences with events & dating advice.

Speaking about the new site, co-founder Kamey Alvi said: “We provide simple, practical tools and advice to help you find love faster. It’s a friendly place to finally meet the right people, go on amazing dates, and get support when you need it most.

“Now is the time to talk about things that really matter to you. Family, culture, caste, religion, time, age, and divorce are real issues faced by all of us. Yet no one is talking about this stuff. We’re changing the way British Asians date, and with your support we are determined to stamp out the taboo.”

Since launching the site, the platform has acquired around 1,000 new members and put together a full listing of singles events & workshops for Sikh, Hindu & Muslim singles.

“Frustration, confusion, stress, loneliness, low confidence and cultural pressure are just some of the problems we’ve seen amongst single British Asians,” co-founder Alvi said.

“With divorce rates increasing by 1% each year, we believe this needs to be addressed head-on to make a long-lasting change in the British Asian culture.”

To find out more about Since Being Single please click here.