New Documentary Explores if Halal Online Dating is Possible

When you think of dating apps the first that spring into mind when you think of them are very western society based, Tinder, Bumble and so on. But you don’t have to look far to find dating apps targeted at specific groups, whether that be based on sexual orientation, age or perhaps most successfully, religion. But can the world of online app dating actually properly adhere to the rules of dating some religions traditionally have. Al Jeazeera have recently produced a documentary that examines if ‘Halal’ dating on apps is a real possibility for Muslims.

You can watch the 40-minute documentary here. There are arguments on both sides throughout the film. Some say it is impossible, and bad actors with the wrong intention on the app will always spoil it for others. Additionally they argue that no matter how you dress it up, such dating apps essentially work the same, whether they are aimed at muslims or not.

The main defender of such apps in the documentary, and their ability to adhere to different muslim dating traditions but in a new digital space is Shahzad Younas. Unsurprisingly, when he is the founder of Muzz – a dating app for muslims with over 8 million single muslims signed up. It claims to have over 400,000 success stories worldwide for its dating app that specifically caters to the Muslim world.

Users can be very specific in what they are searching for on the app, in terms of how strictly potential matches practise their faith. Women in particular can have high levels of security, not revealing their name or photos on the app. And the app also allows for chaperones, who can monitor the chats and ensure proper behaviour and communication. 

Younas claims all these features ensure that Halal dating is possible on the app. Watch the documentary for yourself and you can decide.

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