New ‘Haptic Technology’ Applications in Distance Dating

Online casino experts Casingdom LABs have recently commissioned a report on the potential online applications of ‘haptic technology’ – that which relates to touch, e.g. game controller vibrations.

The study focuses on how combining this technology with biofeedback data (e.g. an opponent’s heart rate) may be useful in enhancing the experience of online poker games. Their conclusions may also relate to the dating industry, however.

Combining the breathing data of one partner with the vibration functionality on the wristband of another, for example, would allow distance partners to ‘feel each other’s breath’. This could be combined, hypothetically, with video call technology.

Pupil dilation is another area where haptic technology and biofeedback might be applied in the future, as this data point can reveal when someone is excited by or attracted to a stimulus.

This application would mark another step forward for distance dating technology, the market for which includes apps like Touch Room and Couple. Pillow Talk already allows users to transmit their heartbeat through wearable devices.

Speaking to GDI, Casingdom LABs said: “Given that maintaining a long distance relationship is often difficult, this could eventually be a wonderful way to make time apart a little easier and more exciting!”