This Site Lets You Easily Search The App Store On Desktop

A new site lets you quickly and easily search & filter the App Store on desktop without having to use the iTunes Store.

Called TheAppStore, the beta project allows you to search for iPhone, iPad and macOS apps.

And you can filter these results, letting you search by particular categories, price and ratings, or by last updated.

The tool also shows you total users ratings, whereas the App Store list view often only shows current version ratings.

For example, a search for Tinder reveals it has a 3.5 star rating, from 25,151 reviews.

When you find an app using the search bar, it lists the price, app rating and number of ratings, but when you click on the app, you are redirected to the iTunes Store on your computer or mobile.

The site was recently posted on Product Hunt, where founder Praneeth Reddy said they plan to add the ability to view the newest apps added in the past 24 hours, as well as creating a display of in-app purchases.

Check it out here.