Tinder And Spotify Form Partnership For ‘Date Night Playlists’

Tinder and Spotify have formed a partnership to create a ‘date night playlist generator’. Users are invited to answer a series of questions to generate a custom playlist tailored to your passions – be that ‘Make Out Jams’ for the one in 20 keen to get down to business, or ‘Love Letter’ songs for the 20% of more romantically inclined daters.

Other playlists options include ‘Serotonin’ for subconsciously activating the body’s neurotransmitters, to ‘90s Love Songs’ for the old-fashioned among us and ‘Ily x’ – dubbed the perfect backing track for romantic texting.

The pairing follows research by Tinder, which found that 84% of daters hoped to find a match who shared their taste in music – far higher than looks (64%), political views (61%) and a sense of humor (48%).

The playlist partnership launch coincides with the start of ‘cuffing season’ – the winter period where singletons tend to ‘lock down’ with eachother until Spring. Cuffing season prompts singles to become more receptive to becoming committed to a partner, with 51% of gen Z hoping to get serious and just 17% seeking casual dates.

‘Music’ ranks as the most popular profile interest on Tinder among 18-25-year-olds, with Drake Canadian rapper Drake proving to be the ultimate musical wingman. Top tunes to get pulses pounding include Way 2 Sexy (Drake, Future and Young Thug), as well as Girls Want Girls (Drake and Lil Baby) and Hurricane (Kanye West).