Tinder Joins Partnership with Foursquare to Power New ‘Places’ Feature

New details have recently emerged that Tinder was set to release a new feature called ‘Places’ soon.

Yesterday, the company made the official announcement that technology company Foursquare will be powering the brand-new feature.

Tinder Places will help users find the right match based on favourite places they both share in common. This could be from a local bar to a local coffee shop.

The brand-new feature has been built on Fourspace’s ‘Pilgrim’ technology, and is aiming to deliver potential new matches through the power of location.

Peter Krasniqi, Foursquare’s VP, Global Enterprise & Business Development wrote a blog post on Medium to introduce the partnership. He said: “Welcome to the future of dating.”

The launch of the feature has reportedly been more than a year in the making and it heralds a brand new phase for Pilgrim.