Tinder’s HR Vice President Talks Hiring Practices


Tinder’s Vice President of Human Resources Lina Alcala has given tips to readers of CNBC Make It.

Alcala stated that the most important thing she looks for when interviewing a candidate is whether they’ve taken the time to research and look into the company.

Before coming into an interview, the HR executive said they would expect the candidate to be able to answer: “What are some of the challenges we’re facing?” and “What’s the competitive landscape?”

She told CNBC Make It: “Be prepared to come in to speak to those things and be passionate about solving those problems. Coming to the interview with that passion with what we’re doing as a business is important.”

She added: “These are core components of research that you should do before coming into the interview. So that you can … help the manager understand where you can solve problems for them.”

Alcala states that applicants should also be able to understand the dating space as a whole and how the industry has evolved over the past two to five years.

She then advises applicants to research the company’s future plans and to find out any basic information. For example, how long the company has been around for.

Alcala added: “Really what I’m looking for there is their thought process. How would they go about gathering information [and] doing an assessment of what the needs are before suggesting a solution? Doing research and legwork on where we’re currently at is really important in that process. So when you’re face to face with a real business problem or solution, you have the context needed to suggest possible solutions.”

Alcala also said that the most memorable questions which are asked by applicants are those who both understand and are looking to expand their knowledge on the company.

She recommends asking questions like “What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?” or, “If you have one thing on your wish list that wasn’t a hot-button [issue] for you in the next two months, what would that be?”

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