eHarmony Founder Talks About Revolutionary Job Matching Service

warren interview

Yesterday, Dr. Neil Clark Warren appeared on Bloomberg Business to chat about eHarmony’s enduring success as an online dating provider and its upcoming moves in the job market.

Warren speaks about how he feels the relationship-focused company is a “totally different business” from sites like Ashley Madison and Tinder.

But although Warren says apps like Tinder are more for young people, stats show that eHarmony’s fastest growing demographic is actually those between 25 and 35, and Warren says they recently had a weekend where the site saw 80,000 new registrants.

The CEO also speaks about the company’s plans around Elevated Careers, a job matching service eHarmony is planning on launching next March.

Warren says they want to sign up thousands of companies to the service before they release it, which he hopes will create a “revolution” in America around job satisfaction.

Watch the interview below: