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Lonely Apple Watch Users Are Sharing Their Heartbeats Online



One of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch is the ability to send your heartbeat to other people.

But with the new wearable proving hard to come by for many consumers, with online orders stacking up and stocks limited in stores, many people don’t have anyone to test its most personal features with.

As always, in steps the internet, which has created places for lonely Apple Watch users to send their heartbeats, sketches and wrist notifications to one another.

Noticed by Wired, one is a Reddit forum r/lonelyheartbeats, where people can request friends around the world to share their heartbeats with, by providing their iCloud address.

Another is ShareTheHeartbeat – a site that lets you sign up your name, email and iMessage address, and it will find you a match to start digitally conversing with.

The site has over 100 users according to creator Dave Spalton, who told Wired: “I started ShareTheHeartbeat on the 20th of April, a few days before the launch of the Apple Watch, after thinking how cool it would be to be able to send and try using the heartbeat, digital touch, and sketch functions of the Watch, really utilizing the new technology and the ‘personal’ side of it.”

Check the article out here, and watch the Apple Watch ‘Us’ advert below:

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