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FROM THE WEB: ‘Online Dating Start-ups Get Real’ – CNBC

How About We

An interesting article by Deborah Findling on CNBC looks at the dating start-ups that are trying to bridge the gap between the online and offline dating world.

Findling’s article focuses on two dating services, and Cheek’d, who have found innovative ways of connecting people in the virtual and real world.

HowAboutWe brings singles together by letting a user propose a date idea.

Based on the idea, the website then matches users who have suggested similar activities.

HowAboutWe has also evolved to cater to those who have already found love, by launching “How About We Couples,” which curates date ideas and deals for couples.

Cheek’d, on the other hand, helps singles begin their dating in the real world, and continue it online.

They offers members business cards that contain a pickup line, their URL and an ID code.

The members slip the cards to potential dates and let them make the next move by entering the code on the Cheek’d website, to uncover more information about their admirers.

There are standard or themed cards and the site gives the possibility for customised decks.

Read Findling’s full article over at CNBC here.

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