FROM THE WEB: Can eHarmony Grab Slice Of Huge Jobs Market With Elevated Careers?

elevated careers

Earlier this year, eHarmony launched its job matching service Elevated Careers, which aims to apply the company’s matchmaking algorithm to the world of careers and employment.

Recently, the author of Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World, Christopher Steiner, wrote about the company’s new venture, and whether eHarmony can succeed in decreasing the “regrettable churn” in the workplace.

Steiner speaks about how matching people to companies is much more complicated than matching two people together, because it isn’t a one-to-one match that can be honed much more easily.

The author says that for eHarmony, “solving the biggest part of the problem means forming some kind of profile of a company’s makeup and culture”, which the company plans to do by getting data from current employees, rather than the HR department.

Users will then get shown a Fit Score, which will give them a compatibility score for different jobs, based on three factors – skills, culture & values and personality fit.

As Steiner says, the potential for the platform is huge, because “companies spend more than $70 billion on hiring right now.”

Read Steiner’s take on whether eHarmony can grab a piece of this market over at Forbes.