FROM THE WEB: Check Out Early Pitch Decks From Airbnb, YouTube Buzzfeed

Pitch decks

A compilation of early pitch decks from some of today’s leading companies reveals some of the techniques the startups used during their early stages to raise an investment round. has a compilation of decks from AirBnB, AppNexus, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn and YouTube, which reveal what their early pitch decks looked like and what they did so right to become as big as they are today.

As CBInsights said in a report last December: “Notching a billion-dollar valuation as a private tech company is hard, exiting at one is even harder.

“For nearly all the most valuable investor-backed companies in tech, nailing a pitch to early potential investors was a step on the journey.”

According to the breakdown, the big names tended to pitch low risk business models that offered a slightly new edge to an already popular market.

Check out the full list of decks here.