Lawyers & Teachers Are Most Right-Swiped Professions In The UK

Most Right-Swiped Professions
Tinder has revealed the most right-swiped professions in the UK, with lawyers and teachers taking the top spots.

Having released a new feature last year that lets singles add their job and education to their profile, Tinder has started revealing which professions rank highest on the dating app.

Looking at the results for both men and women, the app found that interestingly, male models didn’t seem to receive much attention, only ranking at number 14.

Instead, men who boasted careers as lawyers, actors and creative directors were most popular on the app.

And teaching, dentistry and speech pathology ranked as the top three professions for women.

Most Right-Swiped Professions
This news comes just months after Tinder revealed the most right-swiped professions in the US, where male pilots and female physical therapists were proven to be most popular.

This was very different from the top preferences of those in the UK, where neither of these jobs were listed in the top 15.

However, interestingly, female teachers were also ranked at number one in New York, showing a similarity in preferences with the UK.

This said, when it came to matching with men, singles tended to prefer engineers in New York, a profession that only ranked at number 13 in the UK.

Tinder has recently been named the highest grossing dating app, and currently sees 1.4 billion swipes per day worldwide, making 26m matches per day.