FROM THE WEB: ‘Inside the Dating Site for Murderers, Rapists, and Violent Offenders’ VICE

vice dating

A new Vice article gives a window into the world of online dating for some of Canada’s most notorious criminals.

The dating service, set up by 39-year-old Melissa Fazzina after hearing about a similar site in the US, began as a pen-pal service and evolved into a proper dating site.

Its founder believes the site helps its users, which include murderers, rapists and violent criminals, rehabilitate by creating “positive connections in the outside world.”

Canadian Inmates Connect charges a $35 annual fee, and this July had around 160 members.

Speaking about the site, Garry Glowacki, executive director at the Bridge Prison Ministry in Brampton said: “A lot of it boils down to the fact that these guys are going to get out of jail.

“They’re coming out. If they can come out with more support and a community connection, the chance of them having a successful reintegration increases.

“Look, do I think this thing is weird? Oh yeah. But I think weird is kind of wonderful sometimes.”

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