The League CEO Amanda Bradford Offers Tips On Launching In A Crowded Market

The League’s Founder & CEO Amanda Bradford recently told Forbes her top tips on how to launch in a crowded market.

Bradford told Forbes that everybody from her Stanford professors to prospective investors said she should choose a different, less crowded industry.

And unlike some investors, Bradford believes online dating is still growing and becoming more profitable, because of growing interest among consumers.

At a recent Galvanize brunch, Bradford gave her top tips on how to carve out a space in a crowded industry, giving advice such as not hesitating too much before launch, improving your product based on user feedback, being prepared to invest your own money and developing a thick skin.

As Bradford says: “You need to have persistence and grit. If you believe in your idea but don’t have that kind of grit yet, build the muscle. Participate in pitch-offs or experiment with rejection therapy for a few months.

“You can build resilience in any context. For example, you can approach people everyday and ask them questions that you might expect them to respond to with a ‘No.’ Ask someone you admire on a coffee date or ask if you can join a random group of people at a restaurant.

“These exercises will not only help build your confidence, but also give you the resilience and optimism you need to push forward.”

Next month, Amanda Bradford will be speaking at GDI’s London Conference alongside Tinder, Facebook, Paktor, The Meet Group, Microsoft and App Annie.

Find out more about the event here, and read Bradford’s full tips here.